PQR, de rustmakers in IT

Concept • Brand identity • Webdesign

 In commission for Skndal digital agency • Strategy by Fabrique • 2019

As experienced professionals in their field, PQR delivers a peaceful feeling about IT. There should not be reason to even think about it. The technical functionality of your company is like nature’s rhythm running in the background. It’s intelligent and reliable. This concept for PQR points to natural forms of life and energy as the translation for their six working-pillars: advice, transition, workspace, datacenter, management and innovation. Together they form a harmonious system.

For each pillar and its suiting natural reference, there is a suiting icon. And for each icon there is an evolved version. All graphics and according images play a narrative role online and are translated further within the company’s outings. 

“Ineens doet IT er niet meer toe”

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